Keller J. Blackburn

Athens County Prosecuting Attorney


Meg Saunders

Assistant Prosecutor, First Assistant

Elizabeth Pepper

Assistant Prosecutor, Chief of Criminal Division

Jay Barrett

Director of Outreach and Secret Service

Kim Withem

Executive Assistant to the Prosecuting Attorney

Robert P. Driscoll

Senior Trial Counsel

Reuben Kittle

Director of Diversion/Restitution Coordinator/Secret Service

Alli Purcell

Director of Keller Blackburn’s Victim Assistance Program

Timothy L. Warren

Assistant Prosecutor

Becky Filar

Director of Community Justice

Zachary Saunders
Molly Katusin

Prevention Coordinator and Secret Service

Sabrina Ennis

Assistant Prosecutor Assigned to the Children Services Division

Contact at Athens County Children Services (740) 592-3061.

Tom McKnight
Trent Eskey
Lauren Lowe

Victim Advocate for Keller Blackburn’s Victim Assistance Program

Hope Varner

Indicted Case Manager

Kelly Post

Human Resources Director

Chasity Antle

Post-Conviction Case Manager